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WOW! Use a Plastic Bag to Decorate Cupcakes with Buttercream Roses

This method is quick, easy, looks beautiful and does not require any equipment beyond a plastic bag and a pair of scissors.

Step 1: Cut the Corner of Your Bag

Choose the style of flower that you want to pipe and cut you plastic bag according to the instructions shown in the video below.

Step 2: Fill Your Bag with Buttercream Icing

Fill you bag with buttercream ( buttercream recipes here ) and twist the top of the bag closed so that when you squeeze the icing it does not come out of the top of the bag. For roses hold your piping bag over the cupcake while holding the cupcake in your other hand. Squeeze the piping bag while twisting the cupcake around as far as you can in the opposite direction.

Step 3: Add Leaves to Your Cupcakes

Add green buttercream leaves to your cupcakes using the method shown in the first video below. That's it you are done!

this first video shows you daisy, large roses and leaves.

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