News: Kitten w/tiny hat eating Lake Street ice cream

Kitten w/tiny hat eating Lake Street ice cream

Lake Street Creamery is not just the latest addition to Los Angeles' growing roster of food trucks - it's an artisanal ice cream truck. They make their own ice cream in the truck and then sell it to us, the public. Flavors include stuff like Donut, Aztec Sacrifice, and Pancake Breakfast. Of course, you can follow them on Twitter

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cool. i always thought LA was oddly deficient in the ice cream category. they have lots of yogurt, but not much ice cream.

i think it's due to too many people concerned with dieting. ice cream for me all the way though!

i want to try... does it come to santa monica ?

looks like they haven't started yet. according to twitter they're going to debut thurs or fri but they don't say where.

cool. lemme know if you go, i'll join

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