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How-to: Cake Decorating...the Basics!

Welcome to my Cake Decorating Basics How to Prepare a Cake tutorial. Making a cake look great is all about the preparation of your cake. This starts with the base you give yourself to work with. A cake that has a great base will always look great. The look is just as important as the taste. Smooth fondant on a cake with a sharp edge and a fondant covered cake board gives your cake a professional finish. Once you have mastered this you will never look back. This tutorial is demonstrated with c...

Forum Thread: Calling All Lego Cakes

I searched the world over trying to find Lego cakes that I liked.  I pulled pieces from all over the internet to get my ideas together.  My son has already informed me he wants a Lego Indiana Jones cake for next year!  Anyone else have a Lego cake they'd like to share?

Forum Thread: Fruit Cobbler with Heaps of Dough on Top

Ok, so, again, not exactly cake-related... but now that spring is coming to a close, and summer is right around the corner, it is officially cobbler season (for me, at least). The farmer's market is full of really great fruit here in California, and i love experimenting with different combinations to get something really delicious. Last week I tried two different kinds:

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