Forum Thread: Fruit Cobbler with Heaps of Dough on Top

Fruit Cobbler with Heaps of Dough on Top

Ok, so, again, not exactly cake-related... but now that spring is coming to a close, and summer is right around the corner, it is officially cobbler season (for me, at least). The farmer's market is full of really great fruit here in California, and i love experimenting with different combinations to get something really delicious. Last week I tried two different kinds:

type 1: blackberries, strawberries, peaches (they aren't quite ready yet this year), raspberries, pears

type 2: pears and blueberries

i think type 1 came out really great, my boyfriend preferred type 2, but he is kind of pear-obsessed.

I think the key is to lay low on the sugar, add lots of fresh lemon juice, and combine sweet and tart fruits. Next I will try peaches and rhubarb (though rhubarb is apparently struggling this year, I've had a hard time getting it).

I have adapted this recipe from Epicurious (it is easy, simple & delicious):

Peach Cobbler

My changes:

I nearly triple the fruit portion, and use a variety of fruits instead of just peaches. I triple the amount of lemon juice. I leave out the sugar entirely for the fruit part. I leave the biscuit topping as is (it is a fantastic recipe), but i double it to get more, since i tripled the fruit portion.

i'd love to hear any suggestions or subtractions/addendums from any of you... or great cobbler recipes you may have.

Happy prime farmer's market season!

Image via Smitten Kitchen.

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